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WE2010 Write-up Post

Slowtreme posted about the White Elephant gift sent by AxeMan808 on February 8th, 2011.

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White Elephant 2011

I didn't get stiffed! Yay. Actually my WE sender sent me an anon message that he wouldn't forget me, and I was cool with it, but I still was a little passive aggressive with my WE posts because I originally had all these really cool ideas of what to do for a write up. My imagination is a lot bigger than my attention span, and the plan was going to take a long time to do. The longer it took to arrive, the less interested I got in making a cool writeup.

I got my gift last week, but I had to put off opening it right away. Then I decided to no even do a write up, so I made a video.

In reply for tagging. Thanks for the WE AxeMan808

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